About us

UD4D was founded in 2013 by Michal Ventruba who, after building a top IM competence center in Komerční banka, decided to share his experience with other companies.

UD4D Group is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic. It supplies its services and products mainly in Central Europe and Russia.

UD4D s.r.o. provides specialized consultancy services in the field of information management. In particular, we focus on increasing the efficiency of supplies in BI, especially in large, multinational corporations.

UD4D Services s.r.o. has a strong team of specialists who are capable of building new BI solutions or quickly optimize the existing systems. UD4D Services s.r.o. partners with top technology companies in the DW&BI sector, such as Snowflake and WhereScape.

UD4D MMP s.r.o. is a product company focused on developing and supporting its own product – MMP – Metadata Management Platform. MMP is specialized software for metadata management in complex BI environments, offers new approaches to data modeling and data governance in a single platform.

We can find things in data for you that you did not even know you could look for.

UD4D is a lot of smart people and a million ideas. Join us!

Working on our customers’ projects inspires and motivates us to keep improving ourselves as well as our products.

We advise you on how to use data efficiently

We advise our customers on how to more efficiently use the data that they already own, thus helping them to define the position and role of information management within their company.

We are also engaged in technical disciplines

In addition to pure consulting services, we are also engaged in technical disciplines. We ensure that the choice of data management solutions and their implementation go hand in hand with established goals.

Our people

Michal and Petr met as a customer and a supplier over data warehouse projects. They soon found out that their views on how to design, build and operate BI environments were very close. Thanks to their collaboration, UD4D can offer an exceptionally synergistic and comprehensive view of how EIM should work within a company, what it should bring and, at the same time, how to design such a system in order to make its implementation efficiently feasible.

Michal Ventruba


He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of EIM, BI and banking.

He is the co-founder of the BI department at Komerční banka and its entire group. For 5 years, he has been providing expert consultation in the field of information management.

Petr Mikeška

Managing partner

For more than 13 years, he has been designing and supplying solutions in the field of EIM and BI with a focus on BI architecture and management, MDM as well as Big Data.

In the past years, he worked as the manager of the IM Competence Centre, as an account manager and a project leader in a leading software firm.


  • HS Zittau/Gorlitz (D)
  • Senior BI Analyst and Project Manager
  • She values the flexible working hours and the opportunity to take part in the organization of the company’s activities


  • CTU (ČVUT)
  • Responsible for the architecture and development of our products
  • He enjoys programming and dreaming-up improvements

Marek N.

  • CTU (ČVUT)
  • 7 years as the manager of the Reporting Competence Centre
  • He works as an EIM architect and a reporting specialist
  • He values the opportunity to take part in strategic projects of customers from various fields

Vendula Andrýsková

  • Junior BI Analytik a Developer
  • Úspěšně kombinuje studium a projektovou práci
  • Oceňuje pomoc a dohled zkušenějších kolegů

Corporate culture

In our company, you will not become lost in the corridors. On the contrary. You will find yourself here.

We maintain friendly relations

In a small company like ours, it is not difficult to maintain friendly relations. The organizational structure, in the true sense of world, is mainly defined by our customers' projects, so that a clear communication interface is given and responsibility for project tasks can be assigned. We believe that such organization of work leads to greater satisfaction in everyday life at work and to greater satisfaction of our customers.

We provide space for your own education.

At UD4D, we strive to ensure that everybody has a clear and long-term view of the direction that will most satisfy and fulfil them. This makes it easier to overcome getting bogged down by the routine and feeling trapped. Therefore, we provide space for your own education and development, and we discuss the selection and focus of project allocations as a team.