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We have found our favourites among BI solutions and products. As partners, we bring Snowflake and WhereScape to the Czech market and we build our own product, Metadata Management Platform.

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We can find things in data for you that you did not even know you could look for.

What makes Snowflake exceptional

The only data warehouse built for the cloud. Outstanding performance, native environment, and parallel access to data.

Snowflake makes it easier to manage all your data, offering an entirely intuitive interface for developers and analysts.

Snowflake minimises costs by automatically decreasing computing power when your data warehouse is not in use. And vice versa – anytime you need to power up, you can. The system also supports one-time increases.

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Unique Performance

Snowflake processes tasks in a fraction of the time that conventional systems require. Thanks to automatic clustering and the capacity to scale up and down without unnecessary downtime you get exactly the performance you need.

Diverse Data

Snowflake can load and optimise structured or semi-structured data from both traditional and modern sources, without the need for cumbersome transformation or undesirable trade-offs.

Zero Management

Snowflake eliminates the management demands, automatically handling the infrastructure, optimisation, availability, data protection and more. You can thus focus on actually using the data.

Complete SQL Data Warehouse

Snowflake is a fully relational ANSI SQL data warehouse, so you can leverage the skills and tools your organisation already uses. Furthermore, Snowflake automatically optimises SQL queries.

Streamline and speed up your business with Snowflake

Don't let other systems hold you back in innovations and growth.
Reports that would take up to dozens of hours to generate in other systems are a matter of minutes in Snowflake.

01 Data

  • Supports various sources without the need for transformation
  • Structured as well as machine-generated data
  • The amount of data is not limited in any way
  • Hassle-free data sharing

02 Analytics

  • Tackling even the most challenging analytic issues
  • Creating interactive reports and dashboards
  • Automatic query optimisation – no more indexes, distribution keys or tuning parameters

03 Performance

  • Speedy operation even during the most intense workload
  • Capacity to scale up and down while the system is in use
  • Multiple compute clusters may operate simultaneously on the same data *Hotfix gone wrong? Then you will surely appreciate the Undrop and Time Travel functions

04 Benefits of the Cloud-Based Solution

  • Snowflake automatically increases or decreases compute resources
  • Handles all data management
  • Several security levels
  • Minimum impact on the customer in case of any failure

Do you wish to learn more about Snowflake?

Get more detailed information about the product and its use at Snowflake’s website.


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UD4D & Snowflake

We are proud partners of Snowflake

We arrange product presentations, PoC implementations, installations, development as well as subsequent software and consulting support for our customers.

What makes WhereScape exceptional

Automate the life cycle of your data infrastructure to support agile development methods in your business.

It enables you to create new enterprise data infrastructure for data integration, thus eliminating manual tasks, and it automates data and focuses on high value work that will change your IT.
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Efficient operation

It allows for automated development and deployment for efficient operation of your data warehouse and data marts.

Also in the cloud

In addition to supporting the “On Premise” solution, it also offers cloud operation: Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, ...


It runs on most known platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server, IBM, Teradata, Oracle, Greenplum, Snowflake,...

Seamless integration

It enables fast integration of various data sources and thus provides fast visible results.

What is the life cycle with WhereScape?

Your journey with WhereScape can begin with the creation of a new data warehouse, a prototype of a new DWH functional unit, or with the implementation of new technology.

01 Data First

  • Simple connection to data sources
  • Instant selection of necessary data
  • Data quality assessment and data profiling

02 Development and standardization

  • Custom development is generated and covers 80% of all manual activities
  • Automatic generation of all DWH levels (stage - core - mart)
  • Simple adjustment and integration of ready solutions into the target environment

03 Operation and maintenance

  • Automatically generated solution documentation
  • Simple change management
  • Reimplementation of functional units and applications to other, new technologies (upgrades, migration, integration)

Do you wish to learn more about WhereScape?

We have been partners of WhereScape since 2014. We arrange product presentations, PoC implementations, installations, development as well as subsequent software and consulting support for our customers.


Are you interested in the WhereScape platform? Let us know.

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UD4D & Wherescape

We have been partners of WhereScape since 2014.

Contact us and receive it all, from implementation to consulting support.

A comprehensive platform for data model management.

What can the Metadata Management Platform help you solve?

Enterprise DWH solutions have a strong position in companies and are subject to high demands in terms of speed of delivery and quantity of processed data, but also in terms of sustainability and regulatory requirements.

MMP is a software platform which enables effective data and metadata management in EDWH. The combination of several components offers a wide range of application options and is also a great basis for creating an advanced BI portal.

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Combination of business and data dictionaries

Data and business dictionary in once place allow easy creation of links and thus a much higher-quality documentation.

Parallel development support

Repository model with advanced functions for versioning and collaborative development of data models.

BI portal

Basic building elements for creating an enterprise BI Portal – documentation of the data warehouse, data in it and information derived from it.

Governance & Automation

MMP supports governance of data modeling, metadata management and process automation.

The best features of the Metadata Management Platform

In the world of BI, thanks to MMP, we introduce the missing functionalities for native connection of IT and business worlds, moving forward the traditional concept of collaboration in Data Governance.

Master repository pro your EDWH/BI models and metadata

Powerful and modern user environment

Possibility to export/import metadata, integration with other applications

Validation, standardization and governance

Comprehensive versioning and tagging

Efficient search on all levels

Business Glossary, BI Catalog & Documentation

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The number of data models and people who work with them in your organization will generally grow. Prepare for it earlier, conceptually and easily.

Why use our Metadata Management Platform?

Information Management Consulting

Information Management Consulting

UD4D has been greatly involved in the preparation of our strategy in the area of Information management. The deliverables included a proposal of the organization, roadmap of the transformation program as well as quantification of the impact on TCO.

BI Solutions

BI Solutions

UD4D is our proven partner in the area of development of BI solutions. They have successfully implemented solutions in the area of finance, marketing and controlling, from acquisition of data sources, through integration in DWH core, up to the output reports.

Optimization of BI Processes

Optimization of BI Processes

UD4D used its experience to help set up the processes guaranteeing the provision of BI services within the international financial group – Service Level Management

Agile DW Development and Prototyping

Agile DW Development and Prototyping

Within 3 months UD4D developed a fully functional prototype of the profitability calculation and reports for a selected African bank within the SG group. Within the project, UD4D demonstrated knowledge of agile methods of development applied to an international DWH project within a major financial group.