Our consulting is focused on enhancing the efficiency and speed of deliveries, especially in the area of multinational and large corporations’ information management

Working on our customers’ projects inspires and motivates us to keep improving ourselves as well as our products.

UD4D is a lot of smart people and a million ideas. Join us!

We can find things in data for you that you did not even know you could look for.

With the start of the digital age, the importance of information management is ever increasing.

However, it is not properly anchored everywhere.

The IM consulting services we provide help to implement information management processes in a business and set up procedures that will consistently result in high-quality data.

Implementation of information management

into daily practice in an organization from management positions.

Procedures to obtain high-quality data,

and then process and store them so that they are easily accessible and the information obtained from them is understandable both for target groups and individuals.

We would be happy to help you and your business

It is only natural and correct that companies primarily focus on their scope of business. Implementing information management is not an easy task, but with the proper setup and management, a company's day-to-day operations do not need to be reduced and the demands on key people can be minimized.

01 Defining an information management strategy and BI competence center

We evaluate key BICC&IM components. We define weak or even missing areas that are needed to be strengthened or created in order to meet the management's expectations.

02 Preparing an organizational structure

We prepare a detailed IM&BI organizational structure, then define the necessary roles and processes. We help our clients to select a suitable model for securing resources in each specific area.

03 Improving efficiency

We are quickly able to identify potential weaknesses that can cause information management inefficiencies. We then propose a solution to rectify the situation in view of the client's specific environment in which we are focusing on IM&BI development processes, because they provide critical information that allow a business to perform properly.

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Information Management Consulting

Information Management Consulting

UD4D has been greatly involved in the preparation of our strategy in the area of Information management. The deliverables included a proposal of the organization, roadmap of the transformation program as well as quantification of the impact on TCO.

BI Solutions

BI Solutions

UD4D is our proven partner in the area of development of BI solutions. They have successfully implemented solutions in the area of finance, marketing and controlling, from acquisition of data sources, through integration in DWH core, up to the output reports.

Optimization of BI Processes

Optimization of BI Processes

UD4D used its experience to help set up the processes guaranteeing the provision of BI services within the international financial group – Service Level Management

Agile DW Development and Prototyping

Agile DW Development and Prototyping

Within 3 months UD4D developed a fully functional prototype of the profitability calculation and reports for a selected African bank within the SG group. Within the project, UD4D demonstrated knowledge of agile methods of development applied to an international DWH project within a major financial group.