BI Services

We are able to build a new BI solution from scratch, but we can also quickly work within your current system.

UD4D is a lot of smart people and a million ideas. Join us!

We can find things in data for you that you did not even know you could look for.

Working on our customers’ projects inspires and motivates us to keep improving ourselves as well as our products.

We can mine data and find information for you that you never before had even the slightest idea you could look for. We will design a solution so that it respects your industry’s best practices while fully addressing your business needs.

Prototype – approach

This ensures faster delivery of initial results and allows for better alignment of ideas with users.

Long-term sustainable solutions

Applying proven standards and procedures leads to the creation of solutions that are in harmony with architectural concepts and are therefore sustainable in the long term, with minimal operating costs.

Efficient development and automation

Well coordinated teams of analysts and developers ensure maximally efficient development; we are always looking for ways to increase the amount of automation in development work.

What we can work on together:

We have managed almost everything in the field of BI. We would be happy to introduce you to the latest trends and best practices, thus helping you to implement BI.

BI Architecture

This is crucial, especially in terms of long-term sustainability. Due to a poor initial choice of architecture, reimplementation and migration projects tend to be the most problematic and expensive. In preparing our designs, we apply best practices and methods while also taking into account the specific factors present in the given environment.

Data Quality

We provide everything from source data to integration to data mart preparation (regulatory reporting, distribution network controlling, etc.).


Master Data Management is an advanced task in information management. As part of MDM, we can help you to both choose the right tools and implement them and define the right methods.

BI Analytics

We are able to complete advanced analytical tasks, which are performed by experts from a wide range of industry disciplines - banking, insurance, telecommunications, etc.

Development of BI Solutions

We provide everything from source data to integration to data mart preparation (regulatory reporting, distribution network controlling, etc.).

BI Reporting

We will design reports and dashboards in a way that makes the final data layer easy to read by all types of users.

DWH Optimization

Is your warehouse not running the way you want it to? Our technology specialists will help you to fine tune its performance.

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Why data warehouse with us?

Entrust your affairs to the experts. We understand both business needs and technical details.

Information Management Consulting

Information Management Consulting

UD4D has been greatly involved in the preparation of our strategy in the area of Information management. The deliverables included a proposal of the organization, roadmap of the transformation program as well as quantification of the impact on TCO.

BI Solutions

BI Solutions

UD4D is our proven partner in the area of development of BI solutions. They have successfully implemented solutions in the area of finance, marketing and controlling, from acquisition of data sources, through integration in DWH core, up to the output reports.

Optimization of BI Processes

Optimization of BI Processes

UD4D used its experience to help set up the processes guaranteeing the provision of BI services within the international financial group – Service Level Management

Agile DW Development and Prototyping

Agile DW Development and Prototyping

Within 3 months UD4D developed a fully functional prototype of the profitability calculation and reports for a selected African bank within the SG group. Within the project, UD4D demonstrated knowledge of agile methods of development applied to an international DWH project within a major financial group.