Frontend developer for our products

As a company, we operate mainly in the environment of data warehouses and large BI applications. To achieve improvement and automation of development in a data warehouse, we have developed our own software product. The core is a metadata storage which greatly helps with the management, validations of scripts and models. At the same time, it enables generation of ETL objects, making the development more efficient.

We keep developing our product, and because the feedback from our customers has been positive, we are making great plans! That is why we are looking for new people for the internal team.

What do we need from a frontend developer:

  • Javascript, HTML5, CSS
  • Material Design
  • Git & CICD
  • It would be very good to know: React, ES8, npm
  • An advantage would be also some from: Less, Node.js, any cool frontend technology that could be beneficial

What do we need in general:

  • Not getting scared to death by the introduction on BI and data warehouses. If you don’t know anything about them, don’t worry. We will explain. If you have already heard about them, excellent.
  • Independence, willingness to learn and get involved.
  • Enthusiasm. You don’t have to carry a photo of your colleagues in your wallet from the start, but we will be glad if you are on the same wavelength with us and our work.D26

What are we offering:

  • Working in a smaller, friendly team
  • Flexible working hours
  • Time for learning and getting to know things

How the selection procedure in our company works

The selection procedure at UD4D has several steps. Throughout the process, we act fairly and openly.

Send us your CV. We will contact you.

Are you interested in working for us, but your CV does not match any of the positions we have listed? That’s no problem.

Send us your CV anyway.


First, we carefully read all submitted CVs, evaluate the candidate's previous experience (in case of students, e.g., projects they created and worked on during their studies).


This is followed by a brief telephone conversation, which gives you a quick overview of our company and projects and clarifies expectations on both sides.


If everyone is satisfied with the expectations, we schedule an appointment with one of our project leaders. During the appointment, we discuss the job description in greater detail and try to best match the candidate’s experience to our open positions.